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      Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) Therapy in Bloomington, MN

      Pain is a symptom of many ailments. Conditions like shingles can cause discomfort, and then there are the injuries that can occur during an afternoon of playing sports.

      Discovered in 1995 by Dr. Carolyn McMakin, Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) Therapy is a non-invasive protocol used to treat pain. The idea is to apply electrical currents to the body in order to encourage healing and aid other areas of your health.

      One Agora Integrative Health uses FSM Therapy for a wide variety of conditions, such as myofascial pain syndrome, psoriasis, and bronchitis. A specialist will work with you to ensure that the correct source of your pain is targeted and that the ideal frequencies are chosen.

      Begin your FSM treatment today. Call ☎ (952) 234-5898 or contact us online to make an appointment.

      Microcurrent Therapy

      What is Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy?

      FSM Therapy is the use of low-level electrical currents (microcurents) for pain relief.

      FSM Therapy may aid your health by encouraging tissue repair and addressing inflammation, muscle and nerve pain, and scar tissue.

      How Does FSM Therapy Work?

      The electrical pulses per second (frequencies) used in FSM Therapy measure less than 1000 Hz. These frequencies may provide a variety of effects to aid the body, such as raising ATP production, removing waste products, and easing muscles.

      Specific frequencies are said to address specific ailments, and two frequency channels (one for your tissues and the other for the condition) are usually used during FSM Therapy. Two frequencies may also be combined for specific outcomes.

      Before using FSM Therapy, it is necessary to obtain a correct diagnosis of the condition being treated. If the frequencies are directed at the wrong body area (i.e., the area that’s not the source of the problem), then FSM Therapy will likely not work. Additionally, some frequencies shouldn’t be used for certain conditions.

      Your One Agora Integrative Health specialist will work with you to determine if FSM Therapy is a good fit for you.

      FSM Therapy is not ideal for individuals with certain circumstances, like pregnancy or pacemakers.

      What Can Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy Treat?

      FSM Therapy is primarily used for painful conditions like:

      • myofascial pain syndrome
      • shingles
      • diabetic neuropathies
      • fibromyalgia connected to spine trauma

      Some of the other, numerous conditions that FSM Therapy might treat include:

      • ovarian cysts
      • psoriasis
      • lymphedema
      • oral herpes
      • irritable bowel syndrome
      • bronchitis
      • PTSD
      • concussion

      What Can You Expect From Your FSM Therapy?

      Your FSM Therapy will be provided in-office. An hour before your appointment, drink one quart of water. Your One Agora Integrative Health specialist will inform you if you need to drink more than that.

      To apply FSM Therapy, you may need skin patches, or a slightly-wet towel applied. You may feel a floaty sensation from the frequencies that cease as soon as the session ends.

      The longevity of the possible FSM Therapy effects will likely depend on the condition and pain being addressed. Possible side effects may include nausea or a temporary, heightened, and painful range of motion in the muscles.

      Your One Agora Integrative Health specialist will discuss any aftercare you might need.

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      If you know the specific cause of your pain, there’s a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical protocol that may help. Find out what FSM Therapy could mean for you. Call ☎ (952) 234-5898 or contact us online for your first session.

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