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      Shay Heitz

      Shay Heitz

      Shay Heitz

      Certified Life Coach

      Shay Heitz is a certified life coach as well as a PTSD intervention specialist. She has been working with clients for 9+ years in both Minnesota and Florida. Her extensive knowledge comes of how the mind and body are connected comes from a desire to constantly learn more and her own health journey.

      Shay was diagnosed with Lyme and Epstein-Barr Virus in 2004. She was bedridden for 2 years from the infections and struggled to get back to optimal wellness for four more years. Through her own health journey, she realized how her physical symptoms were not only linked to the physical fight of her immune system, but also hidden emotions. She was angry, bitter, sad, depressed and resentful about events from her childhood and young adulthood. She realized that the combinations of energy that she had not addressed were barriers to her body healing. She had a strong instinctual conviction that experiencing illness at the level that the doctors diagnosed her at was not an option for her. She realized in order to shift from disease to wellness, she had to reroute her life at a very profound level. Through prayer, meditations, reading, studying, and lots of writing she has been able to redefine, rewrite and nurture her life in a completely different way.

      Shay has a constant desire for growth and learning. In addition to her certifications, she has studied at great lengths the law of attraction, the brain, neurons, neuroplasticity and the effects of cellular memory. She uses all of this knowledge and tools to help people work through the limbic and emotional aspect of health, wellness, and disease. In 2014, she designed a method called Emotional Recall, Limbic Reclaiming to help the clients she works with to help assess the emotional roadblocks present. She then works with the patient to assist the person in moving through the emotional attachments in regards to their past experiences and helps them to reclaim their lives.

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