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      Teisa Earhart

      Teisa Earhart

      Teisa Earhart

      Hypopressives®-Low Pressure Fitness Trainer

      Teisa and her husband Mitch raised their 2 daughters in rural Minnesota and now reside in Minnetonka where she actively volunteers at her church with community meals, international food packs, office reception and handbell choir. Her spiritual and health journey has led her to become a Low Pressure Fitness Trainer. She teaches core and pelvic function using the Hypopresssives® technique. After learning this technique, she experienced profound improvement to her own core and organ functions. Teisa would love for others to benefit from this technique. Since it is so new to the USA, she traveled to Canada for her training. She now provides individual sessions and has hosted international workshops and courses in Minnesota.

      The individual sessions that Teisa teaches are tailored to complement everyone’s individual health journey. Each of us have different parts of our core (abdominals, diaphragm, pelvic floor, multifidus/back muscles) that can be either over-working or under-functioning. By reprogramming and strengthening all of these to work together, our core as well as our entire body can then function more optimally.

      Clients see improvement in bladder and bowel function, healthier digestion, better circulation, increased support of internal organs, improved posture, stability and strength. People from many different backgrounds can benefit from learning Hypopressives® techniques including athletes and fitness enthusiast to mothers and the elderly.

      Teisa continues to add her to her knowledge through coursework and seminars that focus on self-healing techniques that give our bodies the strength and support to function as it was designed to.

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