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      Neurofeedback Therapy
      One Agora Integrative Health Clinic in Bloomington, MN

      Neurofeedback Therapy in Bloomington, MN

      Neurofeedback Therapy in Bloomington, MN

      In our era, where stress is always on the rise and attention on the wane, mental health challenges are essentially inevitable.

      Good thing modern neuroscience has discovered neuroplasticity: the brain's lifelong ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections to overcome dysfunction.

      At One Agora Health, we celebrate and nurture your neuroplasticity, by teaching you how to use it to reverse your negative, debilitating thought patterns – with neurofeedback therapy.

      Our purpose and passion is treating frustrated patients who come in seeking natural depression treatment, or anxiety treatment without medication, or those exasperated parents who come in asking: “How can I help my child with ADHD?” We’ve enabled patients of all ages to overcome neuro-challenges of all kinds with this time-tested, clinically validated therapy.

      A non-invasive form of biofeedback, neurofeedback hones your brain’s innate ability to self-regulate, so you can function more productively – and, more joyfully.

      Our mental health specialists use an electroencephalogram – Latin for “electric head picture” – to observe, then alter the electrical activity in your brain. Gradually, you learn to correct your damaging thought patterns, improving cognitive function, emotional stability, and deeply restorative sleep.

      What is neurofeedback? It’s One Agora’s way of helping you live life to its fullest – whatever that means for you. Our goal is to help your brain follow your heart. Make your appointment today by calling our mental health specialists at (952) 234-5898 or contact us online.

      What can Neurofeedback Therapy do for me?

      One Agora mental health specialists have successfully used neurofeedback therapy to address:

      • anxiety
      • sleep disorders
      • ADHD
      • obsessive-compulsive disorder
      • reactive attachment disorder
      • depression
      • autism
      • social anxiety disorder
      • bipolar disorder
      • headaches & migraines
      • chronic pain
      • traumatic brain injury
      • addiction & recovery
      • dementia

      How does Neurofeedback Therapy work?

      Neurofeedback therapy is a form of operant conditioning – education using negative and positive feedback. We use our electroencephalogram (EEG) to display your brain’s electromagnetic activity, then gradually alter it, as you watch.

      You’ll work with us to provide your brain with positive and negative reinforcement, getting ‘rewarded’ only when you produce desirable brain states. Over time, you’ll be able to produce these states without our help, and revive your normal, healthy functions.

      One Agora mental health specialists will analyze your medical history and access your unique mental challenges before prescribing one or more of these neurofeedback protocols:

      • Standardized Low-Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA): identifies neuronal generators causing negative thoughts via a real-time, 3-dimensional image that monitors neuronal networks and their relationships with each other, including the speed of information processed among them (phase) and their connectivity (coherence)
      • Z-Score training: determines how connected your baseline levels of brain function are by comparing your quantitative electroencephalography to others in your demographic
      • Infraslow Fluctuation (ISF): self-regulates hypo- or hyper-excitability by coordinating processes in the autonomic central nervous system with those in the body via infraslow frequency manipulation
      • Sensorimotor Rhythm neurofeedback (SMR): trains you to increase or lower your sensorimotor rhythms within a threshold via the use of light or audio warnings
      • Hemoencephalography: treats migraines, ADHD, and depression by controlling your brain’s blood and oxygen flow
      • Alpha/Theta training: trains addiction or trauma patients to produce Theta waves that are greater than Alpha waves to create a deeply-relaxed state

      Reserve your appointment

      You are more than your depression, anxiety or attention deficit. Now that science has demonstrated our brain connections continue to grow throughout our lives, we’d like to help you enhance and redirect them. Neurofeedback is a safe, discrete way to do so.

      Start your training by calling the highly-skilled, compassionate mental health experts at One Agora Health. Reach us at (952) 234-5898 or contact us online today.

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