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      Depression is the most common mental illness in the world, and it can play a significant role in countless health issues as well. It can depress your immune system. It can cause you to sleep too much, or not be able to sleep. You could gain or lose weight. It can impact your sex life. Substance abuse can be a response to Depression or a risk factor for developing it. Depression impacts everyone differently. Depression can be mild and fleeting, or completely disabling and last for years.

      No matter how Depression has manifested itself in your life, the most important thing to know is that you don’t have to suffer with its symptoms any longer. There are treatments that can set you free – some of which you may never have encountered.

      If you are ready to accurately diagnose whether or not what you’re experiencing is Depression – and find new treatment methods that can be game changers for you - call One Agora Health at (952) 234-5898 or contact us online today.

      What is Depression?

      Depression is a common mental condition that involves a loss of pleasure or interest in activities for extended periods of time. It is by far the most prevalent mental disorder diagnosed, impacting at least 280 million people worldwide. It is more common in older adults, females, and people with poor medical or mental health.

      Risk Factors and Causes of Depression

      Anyone can develop depression. People who have survived physical or mental abuse, stressful life events or severe loss or trauma are more likely to develop depression. Depression can arise due to various factors, and the causes of Depression are not always clear in every individual. Sometimes there is no clear reason to point to as the cause. It can be solely a function of physical brain health and brain chemistry (nature) or life experiences (nurture) – or more often a combination of the two.

      Depression is about 50% more common among women than among men. Over 10% of women who have just given birth or are pregnant experience depression. Family history is often a predictive factor. Even aging is a risk factor, as older people often experience Depression later in life. In some people, Depression lasts a lifetime, in others, medication or therapy – or a change in life circumstances - may change the course of it.

      Both adults and children can experience short-term (acute) Depression – typically a result of temporary stress or a traumatic event – that can last for days or even weeks. Some of them, however, develop long-term (chronic) Depression that lasts for months or longer.

      Depression can develop as a result of:

      • Certain medications
      • Medical conditions, especially extended illness
      • Chronic Stress
      • Family history
      • Trauma
      • Learned belief or thinking patterns
      • Brain chemistry issues
      • Other mental health conditions
      • Life changes, both temporary and long-term
      • Childhood experiences
      • Other mental health problems
      • Use of alcohol or recreational drugs
      • Sleep problems

      Symptoms of Depression

      If you have Depression, you may face any of these symptoms or a combination of them:

      • Loss of interest or pleasure in relationships or activities
      • Low energy levels
      • Excessive guilt or self-recrimination
      • Feelings of hopelessness
      • Suicidal ideation or focus on death
      • Low self-esteem
      • Disrupted sleep
      • Changes in appetite or weight
      • Daytime tiredness or sleepiness
      • Cognitive issues like confusion, difficulty concentrating or problems paying attention
      • Fatigue or general malaise
      • Headaches or body aches
      • Mood changes, ranging from mood swings or anxiety to irritability and anger

      Diagnosing and Treating Depression

      Our tools for diagnosis include a physical examination, a complete medical history and a review of your symptoms. At One Agora Integrative Health, we can employ a customized variety of both conventional and alternative treatment tools. A Functional Medicine evaluation will better help us to understand what you are experiencing – both physically and mentally – that could explain your symptoms. We can look for food sensitivities. Depression can sometimes occur from hormone imbalances which we can measure and treat with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Other powerful treatment tools we can use include:

      Reserve your appointment today!

      Gather a list of symptoms related to Depression and any history of your attempts to counter Depression in the past, together with your treatment questions or requests – and we’ll put together a customized plan to treat the root causes of your Depression until you are functioning at your mental, emotional and physical best once again! Call One Agora Health at (952) 234-5898 or contact us online today.

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