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      How to Heal Your Gut from Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

      Your digestive system is the home for trillions of microorganisms, or tiny bacteria. These bacteria play a significant role in your health, immunity, and even brain function.

      For the most part, your gut’s bacteria is found in your large intestine, but sometimes, it can be found in other places, like in your small intestine. When this happens, an unusually high number of bacteria can grow in your small intestine – and it can result in SIBO.

      What Are the Symptoms and Causes of SIBO?

      Your small intestine usually has few microbes, or bacteria, in it. But, when you have an excess number of bacteria in your small intestine, it can lead to symptoms such as:

      • Gassiness
      • Bloating
      • Indigestion
      • Diarrhea
      • Constipation
      • Cramps or abdominal pain

      The causes of SIBO are not yet fully understood and can vary greatly. Those who have diabetes, hypothyroidism, other gastrointestinalissues, or have been on medications that slow down the gut (i.e. narcotics) face an increased risk for developing SIBO.

      SIBO is also associated with other medical conditions, including:

      • Celiac disease
      • Crohn’s disease
      • Nerve damage
      • Cirrhosis
      • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
      • Some gastric bypass procedures
      • The stomach flu

      If you’re suffering from symptoms of SIBO, and especially if you have any of the above conditions, we highly recommend that you seek treatment.

      How We Treat SIBO at One Agora Integrative Health Clinic

      While we’re still understanding the causes of SIBO, what we can tell you is this – SIBO isn’t just a digestive issue. It also involves the connection between your gut and your brain.

      At One Agora Integrative Health, we’re not only committed to bringing you relief from your symptoms, we’re also dedicated to treating the root cause through a holistic approach.

      It first starts with a consultation where we review your symptoms and unique medical history.

      If we suspect SIBO, we’ll typically test for it using a breath test. This test works by detecting hydrogen or methane that’s released through your breath when there’s excess bacteria in your small intestine.

      After that, we’ll work with you to develop a tailored, comprehensive treatment plan that gets to the heart of your SIBO and rebalances your body and immune system.

      At One Agora Integrative Health, we focus on cutting-edge treatments and front-line therapies. Our treatments for SIBO typically include:

      • Frequency specific microcurrent and low-level laser therapy to repair leaky gut, reduce inflammation, and address the disruption of the gut-brain axis.
      • Exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) to strengthen and improve the function of your immune system.
      • Glutathione IV therapy to balance your immune function and repair damaged tissue and leaky gut.
      • Nutrient IV therapy to restore any vitamin deficiencies you may be experiencing due to SIBO.
      • Neurofeedback therapy to retrain your intestines and remedy dysfunction within your nervous system.
      • Lymphatic support to bring relief to your body and detox it from the toxins generated by SIBO.

      Once our specialists design a customized plan for you, we’ll monitor you closely and make any necessary adjustments along the way.

      Book Your SIBO Consult at One Agora Integrative Health Clinic

      You don’t have to live with uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms. SIBO symptoms can be easily mistaken for other conditions, so it’s critical to get tested so you can get on the right road to relief and healing.

      At One Agora Integrative Health Clinic, we specialize in getting to the root of your SIBO and developing a tailored treatment plan to address it. To book your consultation, call our Bloomington, MN clinic at (952) 234-5898 or reach out to us here. We look forward to helping you find the relief you so deserve!

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