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      Hypopressive Therapy MN

      At One Agora Integrative Health, our team is dedicated to improving pelvic and core function.

      We work with you to create a healing program that bests fits your needs and symptoms which may include chiropractic adjustments, nutritional changes, detoxing, CO2RE vaginal restoration and massage with microcurrent.

      Recently we have added Low Pressure Fitness® through one-to-one Hypopressive sessions.

      What Is Hypopressive Exercise and Low Pressure Fitness?

      The term 'HYPOpressive' refers to a decrease or reduction in pressure. This form of exercise reduces pressure to the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic cavities, where traditional exercises, abdominal training, gravity, and most of our daily activities are HYPER-pressive - they  increase intra-abdominal pressure.

      Hypopressives-Low Pressure Fitness® is a gentle postural training system the uses myofascial stretching, respiratory re-education for core improvement. It is a maintenance program that once learned can be done daily at home in just 20 minutes.

      Hypopressive Classes

      Hypopressive Exercise Classes MN

      During your Hypopressives sessions you will have one-on-one trainings in a series of poses and breathing techniques that will reduce pressure in your core which will then improve your quality of life through better posture and breathing. These methods allow your body to function as it should with improved circulation, respiration, improved continence, and better support for your internal organs. As a result, you will experience improved organ function, support the prevention of organ prolapse, prevention of hernias, improved sexual function, improved digestion, and core stability.

      Many of the exercises that people do to improve health prove to by hyper-pressive and can be detrimental to the muscle and organ functions associated with the core. Symptoms related to such problems include incontinence, organ prolapse, hernias and spinal instability.

      Reasons Why Your Core Health May Be in Jeopardy

      The below list gives some of the most common reasons your core health may be in jeopardy. Each part of your core is like a piece of the puzzle that makes your overall core function strong. If one piece is not functioning properly it means the entire system is at risk of functioning improperly.

      Hypopressives-Low Pressure Fitness® teaches you to activate your entire core at one time, including your abdominals, multifidus or back muscles, thoracic diaphragm, and your pelvic diaphragm. This gives your organs and body the support it needs to function properly.

      DIAPHRAGM - If it affects your breathing it will have an impact on your core:

      • sinus problems/ hay fever or acute respiratory infection
      • asthma
      • cough
      • chronic slumping
      • stress/anxiety
      • lack of cardio vascular fitness

      TRANSVERSE ABDOMINALS - The transverse abdominals can be influenced by:

      • Caesarean section
      • abdominal surgery
      • history of hernia or hernia repair
      • irritable bowel syndrome
      • abdominal bloating
      • digestive problems
      • gastro bug

      DEEP MULTIFIDUS - back muscles

      • disc bulges
      • degeneration
      • nerve root irritation

      PELVIC FLOOR - The integrity of the pelvic floor can be influenced by

      • difficult birth
      • episiotomies
      • post-menopausal
      • menstruation
      • hemorrhoids
      • acute urinary tract infection
      • chronic constipation

      Symptoms of Core Health Problems

      With all of this to consider it is easier to understand the symptoms you may be living with and how they are related to a core that is not functioning optimally.

      A list of symptoms would look like:

      • incontinence (any involuntary loss of urine in any amount) or fecal incontinence.
      • strong sense of urgency to get to the bathroom
      • feeling of incomplete bladder emptying
      • back pain
      • chronic constipation
      • pressure in the lower abdomen
      • pelvic organ prolapse (symptoms may include heaviness or dullness or bulge in the pelvic area)
      • inability to maintain correct posture/carriage throughout the day
      • hip related problems

      How can Low Pressure Fitness Help?

      Hypopressives-Low Pressure Fitness® can help improve your symptoms.

      To get you started, we offer a 1-hour initial abdominal assessment, education, and introduction to the Hypopressives breathing technique. Following the introduction session, we work with you during one-to-one 30-minute sessions where you will be taught an apnea procedure in different poses. The different approach of each pose activates myofascial stretching from different angles, which gives your entire core the flexibility it needs to function properly. Your entire core then strengthens as you move in progression from one pose to another. 

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