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      Sleep Disorders/Insomnia Bloomington, MN

      Sleep Disorders, including Insomnia, can play a significant role in countless health issues. Sleep affects almost every bodily system – from our immune system to growth hormones, our appetite to our blood pressure, cardiovascular health to brain function. Research shows that lack of sleep increases the risk for viruses and infections to obesity and heart disease.

      If you are ready to accurately pinpoint your specific Sleep Disorder and experience a new level of healing and wellbeing in every area of your life that will come with restored sleep, call One Agora Health at (952) 234-5898 or contact us online today.

      What are Sleep Disorders?

      Most Sleep Disorders fall under the following categories:

      • Lack of Sleep (e.g., Insomnia)
      • Excess sleep
      • Snoring and Sleep Apnea
      • Circadian Rhythm Disorders
      • Movement Disorders like Restless Leg Syndrome
      • Abnormal Sleep Disruptions, also known as Parasomnias (e.g., sleepwalking, night terrors, etc.)

      Insomnia is by far the most prevalent Sleep Disorder, impacting at least 10 to 30 percent of the world’s population – with some estimates as high as 50 to 60 percent. It is most common in older adults, females, and people with poor medical or mental health. In today's world, Sleep Disorders/Insomnia have become increasingly prevalent – and continue to rise.

      Insomnia, by definition, makes it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. In some instances, people wake up too early and cannot fall back asleep.

      Causes of Sleep Disorders/Insomnia

      Sleep Disorders/Insomnia can arise due to various factors, and the causes of Sleep Disorders/Insomnia are not fully understood. Family history is one factor. Even aging is implicated, as some people develop certain Sleep Disorders/Insomnia late in life. In some people, Sleep Disorders/Insomnia last a lifetime, in others, changing a medication may do the trick. Certain childhood Sleep Disorders like sleepwalking or bedwetting may resolve in adulthood.

      With Insomnia in particular, many adults experience short-term (acute) Insomnia – typically a result of temporary stress or a traumatic event – that can last for days or even weeks. Some people, however, develop long-term (chronic) insomnia that lasts for a month or more. Primary insomnia means it happens on its own, with no known cause. Secondary insomnia means it’s a symptom of something else (e.g., a medication you are taking).

      Insomnia can develop as a result of:

      • Certain medications
      • Medical conditions like thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, or hormone imbalances
      • Chronic Stress
      • Family history
      • Brain activity issues
      • Mental health conditions
      • Life changes, from temporary issues like sleeping in an unfamiliar place to longer-term changes like moving to a new place
      • Individual sleep habits (also known as sleep hygiene)

      Symptoms of Sleep Disorders/Insomnia

      If you have Insomnia, you may face any of these symptoms or a combination of them:

      • Difficulty falling asleep
      • Waking up during the night
      • Waking up too early
      • Daytime tiredness or sleepiness
      • Difficulty concentrating or paying attention
      • Increased errors or accidents
      • Ongoing concerns about sleep
      • Fatigue or general malaise
      • Headaches or body aches
      • Mental changes, ranging from mood swings, confusion or anxiety to brain fog, memory issues or irritability
      • Dizziness or in some cases even fainting
      • Itchy, watery or red eyes or dark circles under the eyes

      Diagnosis and Testing for Sleep Disorders/Insomnia

      Our tools for diagnosis include a physical examination, a sleep habits review and a complete medical history. In some cases, if we suspect Sleep Apnea or more severe sleep disorders, you may have to be referred for a Sleep Study.

      Treatment Options for Sleep Disorders/Insomnia

      For Insomnia, people often turn to prescription or over-the-counter sleep medications, but medication oftentimes makes the problem worse over time. Fortunately, for most people, changing your sleep habits and/or addressing the issues that may be at the root of your Insomnia – like certain medications, stress, medical or mental health conditions - can restore normal sleep patterns. If those efforts are not successful, our goal is to achieve your optimal sleep health without side effects, using a customized variety of treatment tools that may include:

      Reserve your appointment today!

      Gather a list of your sleep symptoms and any history of your attempts to counter Sleep Disorders/Insomnia in the past, together with your treatment questions or requests – and we’ll put together a customized plan to treat the root causes of your Sleep Disorders/Insomnia until you are sleep restfully and functioning at your best again! Call One Agora Health at (952) 234-5898 or contact us online today.

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